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Operational Improvement

Defining and executing service excellence is becoming more important with customer sophistication and increased number of channels. Key to operational excellence is measurement and we subscribe of the management axiom ‘what one cannot measure – one cannot improve’. Many organizations still have a silo-based approach when it comes to business processes. They often need to be redesigned using a customer-centric approach and measured using appropriate IT applications. Using Six Sigma-Lean methodology, we help organizations reduce waste in many operational areas, especially in customer facing ones, by setting KPIs at critical process stages.


Case Studies:

We have worked with a leading regional logistics provider in SEE in realigning key operational processes with customer needs (from an end-to-end view), based on service levels and defining requirements for IT.

We also helped a regional retailer review their Contact Centre staffing levels, key processes, existing KPIs and suggested improvement based on best practices.

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