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Risk and Collections

By running improvement programs that touch all phases of Risk and Collections processes, we help organizations improve both reserves and key operational performance indicators. On one hand, our expertise is in underwriting, fraud monitoring and analytical functions, on the other in development of segmentation, scoring models, strategies and supporting management of the overall Collections Process. Our links to national credit bureaus in some markets and in-house developed market analysis can be used as benchmarks or direct inputs to analytical models.

We cover all stages of the Collections Process: pre, early, field, legal, outsourcing, debt sales, skip tracing, restructuring and can also outsource partially or fully some collections activities. We use machine learning algorithms with big data in order to introduce improved predictive analytical models.


Case studies:

As a subcontractor to a leading global consulting firm, we worked on several projects with leading retail banks in Russia on overall improvement of their collections processes.

We worked with one of the leading collections outsourcing companies on improving their business processes in in Russia.

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